Handwritten from the Heart


1 Large Shipping Envelope

1 Second carrying envelope 

2 Super thick stationery sheets

1 Explain sheet

2 Envelope sealing stickers



Imagine opening a one of a kind letter from someone thanking you for impacting their life in a meaningful way. This is that product. In reverse order: You open a large white 13″ envelope that’s been sealed with a decal that says. “I just wanted you to know”. Within that shipping, an envelope is another bright white protecting the contents. A second decal seals that envelope that says “To be opened upon my death LIFE”. Inside the second envelope is The handwritten letter from the heart stationary.  What’s in the kit. One large shipping envelope. One inner envelope. Two super thick sheets of stationery. 1. Explainer sheet. Two Envelope sealing stickers. 

What’s not included? Your personal story of how this person made a difference in your life. It’s a mind-blowing experience…for both parties.


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