School Presentation.




Boost your SEL with iMOODivate. Students learn they are in control of their moods. Jay can travel to your school and present 4 or more classrooms. The price is $100 per classroom (plus travel)and $10 per set of handheld cards. A typical Classroom requires 3 sets. 


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Ready to experience the real thrill of moodivating others. When you reply 'AMAZING' or whatever your mood of the day is, you can explain to them the program on how you get to choose your mood each and every day. It's your choice. Then give them your card and watch the magic happen.

Make your day....give it away! By moodivating others creates an even better mood for you. Here's the secret: Motivation is temporary unless you have the strategies to stay motivated. The best and most secret strategy, only known by a few hundred people on this planet is to stay motivated by motivating others.
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