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Building an Army of Positivity.

January 2018

Day one. You just received your trigger cards. Now what? Many people simply want to rush out and start moodivating the world. While I certainly do not want to slow down any magic, my general advice is take the 7 day challenge. For 7 days, simply respond with your trigger card and then observe. You’ll soon become aware of the sheer volume of people that respond to the ‘how are you’ question with the low energy, low consideration, autopilot answers. ‘good’, ‘fine’, and ‘not bad’ rank as the top 3 responses. You’ll also come across outliers, people that already have been responding with fantasic replies. YES, they are out there and we love them. Keep an eye on these folks. We call them disciples. People that have already bought into the whole positivity movement. You’ll naturally migrate toward these individuals anyway. 

Day eight. Now you have some experience of responding with what’s on your trigger card. Most likely you’ve had some interesting encounters. And I’d bet almost all good to great. You’ll have observed the disruption of peoples autoresponders of flat answers. In doing o you’ll certainly have received many smiles. Congratulations, you’ve disrupted the pattern of mediocrity! At this point you’ll be far more comfortable engaging with your fellow moodivatees. Here’s where you can seek out and upgrade moods. One point of consideration. I encourage you to somewhat sidestep those of negativity. For now I suggest you to engage those that are curious and engaging. I usually like to put a few W’s on the scoreboard, and build some confidence and motivate the above mentioned disciples. They already get it. they are already on board. I explain to them I’m building an Army of Positivity to combat negativity. They quickly jump on board. Stay tuned for blog day 9 and beyond. Have fun, I know I already am!

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Ready to experience the real thrill of moodivating others. When you reply 'AMAZING' or whatever your mood of the day is, you can explain to them the program on how you get to choose your mood each and every day. It's your choice. Then give them your card and watch the magic happen.

Make your day....give it away! By moodivating others creates an even better mood for you. Here's the secret: Motivation is temporary unless you have the strategies to stay motivated. The best and most secret strategy, only known by a few hundred people on this planet is to stay motivated by motivating others.
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